Our Mission and What We Do

The Open Book Press began as an idea between Will Dane and Angela Sells, co-owners of the Open Book bookstore in Grass Valley, California after hosting Open Mics in the fall of 2016. Beloved and talented poets—namely, Gene Berson and Yakshi—performed regularly and with the desire to see their work in print, the Open Book Press was born. After being recognized by Poets & Writers as a new independent press, we were eager to expand publishing to authors across the nation, including Ashley Warren and Cathy Cassady, whose mother, Beat icon Carolyn Cassady’s unpublished travelogue was an artistic, humorous, and charming gem to which we helped bring new life.

We are dedicated to our authors’ rights, and therefore offer generous royalty terms; we are not a vanity press nor do we require our authors to pay any fees to publish with the Open Book Press. We are a modern press with a traditional spirit, with an eye on e-book sales, social media marketing, design, and editing. We consider literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry for publication. We are a small team working hard to navigate the frequently changing landscape of the print world in 2019. Though our distribution is small at present (bookstores in California and Washington state, and online via Amazon), we have applications for national distribution open and hope to settle with an independent company soon.

We promote freedom of expression, literary passion, unique voices, and emerging authors.

Co-founders Will Dane and Angela Sells

Will Dane, MA, owns and operates the Open Book, a used bookstore and event center in Grass Valley, California; he also teaches short story writing and literature at Sierra College.

Angela Sells, PhD, is a mythology and women’s studies professor at Meridian University and Sierra College. She co-produces the Women’s Writing Salon, and co-manages the Open Book bookstore. Her book Sabina Spielrein: the Woman and the Myth was published by SUNY Press in 2017.