Travel Tips for the Timid

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A charming narrative filled with heartfelt advice for adventurers and weary travelers alike.”
—Heather Dalton, Producer/Director of Neal Cassady: The Denver Years


“As Carolyn and Jami find out and convey here, surprises—good and bad—are what you remember most about a trip. A jewel of a book!
—Al Hinkle, “Ed Dunkle” in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road



A mother-daughter 1979 travel narrative 










“Ms. Cassady…was a central figure in the real-life circle of friends whose travels across the country in search of kicks and revelation were immortalized in On the Road… Her [first] two books, Heart Beat: My Life With Jack and Neal (1976), which was made into a 1980 film, and Off the Road: My Years With Cassady, Kerouac and Ginsberg (1990), provided a sobering corrective to what she considered misconceptions about the essentially unhappy lives of these men, the poet Allen Ginsberg among them, even while excusing the worst of her husband’s transgressions.”
—Leland, John. “Carolyn Cassady, Beat Writer and Muse, Dies at 90.” The New York Times, September 23, 2013.


“After [Carolyn] passed away, Jami, John and I were astounded to discover the fantastic treasures our mother had accumulated during her productive 90 years. Besides the sketches and drawings and art work, we uncovered evidence of her prolific writing: volumes of correspondence, journals, poignant poetry reflecting her loneliness while living in England, at least one screenplay, a 600-page typed autobiography, advice columns and news articles from her journalistic ventures, a novel or two, and this delightful travel memoir. We had no idea she had been industriously toiling away at these other endeavors behind our backs, so to speak.”
—From Cathy Cassady’s Introduction to Travel Tips for the Timid.

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